Every Living Thing Matters

We have been involved since the start of Extinction Rebellion, we have played at the demonstrations in London & various XR demos, we suggested adding the word Love to all rebellion literature so it is harder for the press to demonize our actions, as something has to change Coda Love music is written to open the minds & hearts to those individuals who choose to stay oblivious to the fact that all living beauty has the right to life & all species have the right to avoid extinction & avoid a global suicide.

Please support us so we can support eXtinction Rebellion

Please Spread the word link to us on Spotify & share our messages in the songs we right for you

Songs :

She's rare

Sos Extinction Rebellion

Eartha so sorry we've blackened it

The mission X


Magical Wow

Magical designed by nature

& more

Success so far supporting XR:


BBC plays The Mission X, Magical & Magical (the web of life) Imagine, a Jazz & funk acoustic piano (John Lennon) Gangman,

There is an inner voice within us all, A true voice we just have to listen to hear it, Every man & woman on this earth from black to white & everything in between has a true heart that guides them, a conscience?  These array of colours at various stages may have been damaged in the game of life,  We feel & see the darkness that surrounds us all, this Dark Matter X also has the strength to hold all the stars of sparkling white light, to inspire our minds always? A true reminder love is everything & dreams can be found anywhere? even when the odds are stacked against us! when we listen to the voice? Do we hear a sound in the distance? With love anything is possible? ​ Coda Love xxxx

Coda Love BBC Radio Plays in 2018, 2019 & 2020 with BBC introducing, playing live on BBC Radio, Coda Love song Gangman & let's get it on (Marvin Gaye) with a performance for BBC children in need, charity fundraisers for the homeless with a strong interest in helping Extinction Rebellion, a voice for equality to fight the oppression that comes in any disguise.

Numerous Festivals we love performing live, life is all about connection..........



   12 Song ALBUM is now available INCL 

5 Tracks (RADIO EDITS) recorded by James Sanger, 

producer and programmer, who is credited

with over 60 million record sales worldwide.

His work has also won 3 Brit awards,

18 Grammys and 2 Ivor Novello awards since 2001

Keane, Madonna U2 & more. 



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