Coda Love

Self deception is constant throughout our experiences of life within all relationships, wisdom in time rewards you to help you see truth and all its beauty in all positive & negatives experiences in life & not to avoid them, natures wonderment is leading the way, to see through our own thoughts of what we are looking for, to what the actual reality really is, to understand at the time of realisation,  what those relationships actually are with depth, their life/peer pressures & shaping?

To know we are all artists are painting a picture that we want to be in or part of & that others cannot see blinded by being focused on painting their own interpretations on how you will help their painting feel complete? 

living is to trust the experience from our forever flowing connections to new experience? new possibilities? with new loves or to stay where we feel the safest where the circle of life is small, repetitive and manageable? 

Creation through choices made with true faith & love will always guide you to your true destination & exponential growth? fears & hurt from the pressures of life can leave you in an imponderable state procrastinating in the darkness, mother natures clairesentient intuitions always leads you back to the light, Creation lovingly leads the way to grow your soul.............

eXtinction Rebellion



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