Thank you

To All that Listen & Support us

KARLA CURRIGAN, for her support, love, throughout all life's ups & downs its been an enjoyable ride, heres to embracing the future on all life's wonderful journey's that shape our souls.

The Talented, MR  BEAT, Alan beet an infectious enthusiasm and a energy for music that cannot be containined or reproduced who introduced me to musical instruments when i needed them!

MOM, Who stays with me always! who taught me life is about dreams, hard work and effort she just didn't say how much!

DAD, A good all round egg who has a great sense of humor, who turns up when the S**t Hits the fan!

ELLIE, I still remember the tears of joy the day you were born! of whom i am very proud, who has a driving force and an open heart! 


LYLA, Bringing back the love, smiles & fun, smiles of fun.

PATRICIA STERRETT,  A true spiritualist, a believer in people, Whos helped me and hundreds of others in their time of need to heal, see, feel, hear & know so many wonderfull things. 


Stuart Jones Piano extraordinaire who inspires all minds he teaches that all creative processes are correct there are no boundaries and limitations all music has its place.


LOUISE SANGER, for loving something in my music & producing the songs with love & light.  

JAMES SANGER, PRODUCER, Your work ethic, Dry sense of humor (Hilarious) & bass lines.

TOM, Studio Engineer Who spent many hours comping,

Local open mic's & anyone that inspires & see's all people have a unique talent and allow them to perform and spread a bit of love with the energy of music !